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FS Liveries & Designs repaint service

The repaint service offers the possibility to have any livery created, including the most unique and exotic liveries, as well as concept and fictional liveries. 

As this is a fully customizable service, the customer owns full rights of the texture, and therefore is the only person owning it. The repaint ordered is not uploaded to any library, unless the customer specifically wants to share it. 

Full information regarding repaint services can be checked in this PDF


Ordering the repaint service


If you are interested in the repaint service, please fill the information below. We will get back to you with all the information as soon as possible.

For multiple orders of several aircrafts and liveries, it might be easier to get in contact via email

Repaint palette1.png

How does the process work?

Once the customer decides to proceed with the order it will be started. When the work is finished, the customer will receive some pictures of the final result. If the customer agrees with the work, then the payment can be done. Once the payment is received the textures will be sent.

What is the repainting time?

Time of repainting typically takes from 2 to 5 weeks, depending on the work of the moment.

If the customer wants the livery as soon as possible, express service can be requested. With this service, the work will be finished within 5 days. The express service has a supplement of 10€. 

What are the prices?

Prices typically have a base price of 15€-35€, depending the complexity of the texture. Price depends on the aircraft to implement, as some aircraft require higher quality than others, or have different painting methods. Exact price will be given once the customer sends the inquiry of the aircraft and livery to implement.

How is the payment done?

Payment is done via PayPal, in euro currency, once the textures are finished and before sending them. If PayPal is not possible for the customer, wire transfer can be arranged as well.

Why the repaint service?

With this service customers can ensure they can fly their favorite aircraft in their favourite livery, that otherwise, without this service would be very difficult, if not impossible to have. We offer a very distinctive service with a complete customizable service that can be done up to within 5 days.

Request a quote

Thank you for your request! We will get back to you as soon as possible with all the information

Examples of some liveries ordered by customers:

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